Panels, panels, panels…

Today I have another tip for my lovely readers! And like it says here above: PANELS! So, first I want to tell you about how much I love panels, it’s just such a simple tip for your home to look more luxury! I’ve some before and after pictures to show you just how much a panel can change the expression of a room!


Also, use panels on doors and cupboards. The kitchen down below is not really my taste but imagine it in white. Perfect.700f69bc0697a525d11ab0bdf4970042

all pics are from pinterest.

If you don’t know what to do with the doors to your cupboards make panels on them, it’s such a good way to make simple things look luxury!


Just look at this! love the kitchen so much! from pinterest.


Believe in your style

At times you’re told to do things that’s not yourself to do. Both at home and on your job. This is a creativitydash for you to dare to style your home as you want it.

I say, DARE to take risks.

DARE to buy something that’s not for full you and make it you.

DARE to push limits while you’re decorating – do you have a vision of how you want things, make your visions reality.

DARE to trust yourself and what you’re capable of. Don’t let anybody tell you that the furniture does not fit with the atmosphere in the room. If you like it in the beginning don’t let anybody change that! Your style is blooming the most if you decorate like you want it to be.

DARE to love your decisions even if someone says that it’s the wrong thing to do. The more you love something – the more you’re spreading love and making others to love it as much as you.

DARE to believe in yourself and your style. None’s able to tell you what you like and dislike!


source: pinterest

With love, Creativitydasher.

Gravel path

If you think gardening is boring this is defiantly a tip for you! If you don’t, well, it’s a tip for you too!

Imagine something that would change the look of your garden from boring to interesting – imagine a gravel path! This is the key to a boost in your garden. If you’re careful with the before-work you’re not going to have to weed anything afterwards, which is great if you’re not into gardening!

There are lots of different ways to establish a gravel path for example:

– A gravel path in front of the house, gives the house a clean and orderly look. And if you’re looking for a more flower power-boost in your garden, plant flowers alongside!

– Or, a gravel path around your garden (TIP, stones on the sides gives a cosy effect!)


source: pinterest

Also I found this site with before and after pictures. Look at the amazing change, with just one gravel path, worth it! 🙂

(link here)


Sloping roof

Am I the only one here who’s in love with sloping roofs? Am I? I understand that it’s difficult to know how to decorate and use the space, which is why I have some tips for you!

1. Use the space for storage, bookshelves and cosy places to seat.

2. Dare to play with light! Use textiles and lights, combine! (picture in the right corner).

3. Again, bookshelves, bookshelves, bookshelves for example the ones in the left corners.


source of the pictures: pinterest

First one

Hey! So today I decided to start a blog about one of my big interests – interior and exterior design. I am planning to give every single one of you a creativitydash, because in the society of today people are so stressed out and uninspired about the things that matters the most – your home, family and friends. Everything is just a big mess and you want to find peace and silence. I’m going to help you! If your house is nice it’s much easier to find peace and rest at home with family and friends. I am not telling you to clean your house everyday, I simply want you to understand that you’re worth to be and to stay creative in this stressed out society!